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For some time now, security controls have been a mandatory step in travelling. Today's persistent and growing threats require new, constantly updated rules for ensuring the protection and safety of passengers. New technologies are leading to the development of new equipment in complying with those rules. It is also essential that travellers are provided with maximum comfort during these security checks as they are often the source of a lot of stress. The traveller will be more at ease if such controls are as inconspicuous and quick as possible. Our products have been designed to meet security standards as well as the expectations of passengers.

SEEFLOW® product range

Our SEEFLOW products are designed to improve passenger traffic at security checkpoints by increasing the passenger's readiness to proceed. SEEFLOW products detect metal in traveller's shoes and can also be adapted to detect metal elsewhere on the person. Passengers are requested to remove their shoes or for example empty their pockets if the sensors detect an excessive amount of metal. The goal is that only shoes containing a sufficient amount of metal, or metal objects (money, mobile phone, etc.), which would set off the security metal detectors, will require removal. Our unique technology allows sensors to be integretad into ultra-thin components that can have multiple settings.

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ACI Europe - World / General Assembly, Congress & Exhibition

Get introduced to Seeflow SMD, our innovative ultra-thin sensor for early detection of metal in the passengers’ shoes at the airports security checkpoints.

It has been proven the implementation of Seeflow SMD on passengers preparation lanes brings between 5 and 6% of throughput’s improvement.  

Seeflow SMD is only few millimeters thick and it is ideally placed on the route of the passengers. 

If improving throughput, enhancing passenger’s experience or reducing stress in the security area is your concern; visit us on booth 43 and find out more!

Passenger Terminal Expo - Stockholm - 20-22 March 2018

SEDECT will be present at this exhibition!
We'll be happy to meet you and discuss how Seeflow products can improve passenger's throughput and experience. 

Geneva Airport - Customers testimonials

Ruben Jimenez, Head of Security

‘Consider a passenger who will cause the shoe alarm to go off at the Walk Through Metal Detectors. He’s spent a few minutes getting prepared and when he thinks he is ready to go through the WTMD and finished with all security constraints, security stops him due to the shoe alarm! The passenger’s frustration is then at its peak and I can understand it.
Besides, it’s a huge loss of time! The passenger has to go 3 times through the WTMD; on average this is a loss of 10 to 20 seconds per passenger. This might appear negligible but when it happens more than 200 times/hour…, you can imagine the gain the SMD brings!’ 


Adrien Semoroz, Technical Manager, Security Department

‘We measured the number of shoe alarms sounding since the Seeflow SMD was installed at the end of 2016 and compared the results to the same period in the previous year. We observed a drop of 70% in shoe alarms. This figure may not be easy to appreciate. Any idea what this represents? … The number of passengers that could fill 7.2 A320 planes every day!’

Jacques Morgenegg, Passengers and Terminals Project Manager

‘Thanks to the Seeflow SMD we could not only drastically reduce the number of shoe alarms sounding at the WTMD but also reach a much lower level of combined alarms at the WTMD. It’s a 32% reduction! The passengers also greatly appreciate having all their belongings together when they are done with the security checks. Security agents also don’t have any more conflicts with passengers when asking them to remove their shoes.’

Aéroport de Biarritz Pays Basque - Témoignage client


Bruno Garbay, Aéroport de Biarritz Pays Basque, Responsable Sûreté Environnement :

"Cela fait bientôt 2 mois que les Seeflow SMD ont été installés sur nos PIF’s. Nous avons constaté une augmentation du flux de passagers à nos contrôles de sûreté et un nombre marginal d’alarmes chaussures aux portiques de détection de métaux.
La performance du matériel est irréprochable.

Pour les agents de sûreté, la solution leur apporte une bonne aide à la décision et ils signalent qu’ils n’ont plus de conflits avec les passagers lorsqu’ils leur demandent de retirer leurs chaussures ; c’est la machine qui décide ou non du retrait.
Les procédures du contrôle sûreté ont été adaptées pour tenir compte de ce nouvel équipement.

En outre, nous avons de très bons feedbacks des passagers qui adoptent aisément le système et qui en sont très satisfaits."


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